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An educated workforce is important to Maine’s future.

FAME is encouraging Maine employers to do what they can to help their employees and their children, the future faces of Maine, to prepare for higher education.

Help your employees reach their higher education goals

With our partners, FAME is providing employers with information and easy activities that they can deploy to help invest in higher education for the future workforce of their companies and the future of Maine.

Share information about NextGen 529™

Share information about NextGen 529™

Connect employees to information about NextGen 529 and Grants for Maine Residents

On behalf of FAME, introduce NextGen 529 with your benefits package. It is easy for you and valuable to employees:

  • Offer payroll deduction to NextGen 529 accounts– have a question about payroll deduction? or call FAME at 1-800-228-3734.
  • Host a learning session. FAME can come to talk about planning for college and help employees open NextGen 529 accounts.
  • Use the NextGen 529 Employer Toolkit to share information with employees. Hang posters and use newsletter/email copy.

Download the employer toolkit

Encourage aspirations

Encourage aspirations

Help employees connect their career goals with the education they need to get there.

  • Talk about college as part of annual evaluations for professional development planning.
  • Become a mentor or create a job shadowing or internship program.
Help employees pay for higher education

Help employees pay for higher education

Even small amounts of money can help make a big difference.

  • Provide scholarships or grants to help reduce borrowing.
  • Provide tuition assistance up front instead of reimbursement.
Help employees manage their student loans

Help employees manage their student loans

On behalf of FAME share information about student loan repayment or consider helping students repay student loans.

  • Consider offering student loan debt relief to employees.
  • Connect employees to information about refinancing student loans.
  • Visit The Loan for ME

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