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Grants for Maine Residents

Grants for Maine Residents can really add up! Grants for opening a NextGen 529 account and for making additional contributions are real investments in the future.

If the account owner or the student (beneficiary) is a Maine resident, the NextGen 529 account may be eligible for grants for Maine residents.

Are you a Maine Resident? Get started today — take advantage of grants for Maine Residents*


Open your account

  1. With just $25 and get a $200 Initial Matching Grant OR
  2. Use the $500 Alfond Grant1

Add to your account

Make contributions and get a 50% NextStep Matching Grant up to a $300 match per year.


Make it easy

Set up automatic contributions from your payroll or bank account and get a $100 Automated Funding Grant.

*Grants are linked to eligible Maine accounts. Upon withdrawal, grants are paid only to institutions of higher education. See Terms and Conditions of Maine Grant Programs for restrictions and limitations that apply.

  1. If the beneficiary is eligible for the Alfond Grant, no initial contribution is required. For more information, see Terms and Conditions of Maine Grant Programs.