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Account Service Forms

Direct Customers:

  • Use the forms below to manage accounts

Select Customers:

  • Contact your financial advisor directly to receive the appropriate forms.
  • Select customers who receive their statements from Vestwell can also find forms on Vestwell’s NextGen 529 forms web page.
  • Select customers who receive account statements from Merrill, contact your financial advisor.

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Series Change Form+

Complete this form to transfer assets between the Client Select Series and Client Direct Series within NextGen 529.

Download the Series Change Form

Automated Funding Service Enrollment+

Complete this form to enroll in NextGen 529’s Automated Funding Service (AFS) or to change or terminate the AFS amount for your existing NextGen 529 account.

Download the AFS Enrollment Form

Payroll Deduction Allocation+

Complete this form to initiate new payroll deduction instructions or to change current payroll deduction allocations on existing NextGen 529 accounts. The Payroll Deduction Allocation Form must be returned to Merrill. Once the form is processed by Merrill, the account owner will be sent an Authorization for Payroll Deduction Form that must be provided to the employer to begin or change payroll deductions.

Download the Payroll Deduction Allocation Form

Incoming Rollover+

Complete this form if you are rolling over all or part of the assets from another state’s Section 529 Plan or a Coverdell Education Savings Account into your NextGen 529 account. You should also use this form if you are transferring the assets in qualifying Series EE or I U.S. Savings Bonds to a NextGen 529 account.

Download the Incoming Rollover Form

Investment Change+

Complete this form to initiate an investment change to your account. This form contains instructions regarding both current and future contributions, as well as restrictions that may apply to investment changes.

You can change existing NextGen 529 assets to a new investment option twice per calendar year or when you change the beneficiary on your account. You can change how future contributions are invested at any time.

Download the Investment Change Form

Account Information Change+

Complete this form to change an address, telephone number, email address or provide notice of a legal name change.

Download the Account Information Change Form

Change of Beneficiary+

Complete this form if you want to change the current beneficiary on your NextGen 529 account to a new beneficiary.

Download the Change of Designated Beneficiary Form

Change of Participant (account owner)+

Complete this form if you would like to transfer your NextGen 529 account to a new account owner. The new account owner must first open a NextGen 529 account before submitting the Change of Participant Form.

Download the Change of Participant Form

Withdrawal Request+

Complete this form to request a withdrawal from your NextGen 529 account. If you want funds to be paid to more than one payee, please complete a separate form for each payee.

You can also request a withdrawal from your Direct Series account over the phone. Be sure to have your NextGen 529 account number, the withdrawal amount you are requesting, payee information, and know the portfolios you would like to liquidate. Call 1-877-463-9843 to speak to a NextGen 529 representative.

Download the Withdrawal Request Form

Trusted Contact Person+

Complete this form to designate a trusted contact person (age 18 or older) whom Merrill may contact about your account.

Download the Trusted Contact Person Form

NextGen Entity Booklet+

Use along with an Application to open a NextGen 529 account to be owned by an entity.

Download the NextGen Entity Booklet