Give a Gift

The gift of education is always welcome whether for special occasions, holidays, or just to recognize the achievements of a special young person.

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Are you a Maine resident? If either the account owner or the account beneficiary is a Maine resident, contributions, including gifts, may be matched with Maine’s annual NextStep Matching Grant1. Contributions will be matched by 50% every year, up to a $300 match.

Account Owners:
Encourage Giving A Gift


Consider enlisting grandparents, other family members and friends to give the gift of education and help you meet your family’s college savings goals.

Help grandparents, other family members and friends to give the gift of education.

Gift givers can contribute to your account by mailing a check:

  1. Instruct the gift giver to write a check to: NextGen FBO (your child’s name)
  2. Download and print a contribution coupon.
  3. Fill out contribution coupon — make sure to include the NextGen account number. If you don’t have your account number handy, find it on your most recent NextGen account statement or call Merrill Lynch at 1-877-463-9843.
  4. Mail the completed contribution coupon and check to:
    1. For Direct Series accounts:
      Merrill Edge
      P.O. Box 962
      Newark, NJ 07101-0962
    2. For Select Series accounts:
      College Plan Services
      P.O. Box 1518
      Pennington, NJ 08534

Family & Friends:
Give a Gift


Consider giving a contribution to a NextGen account — a valuable investment in the future that can help make a difference later.2

How to give a gift to a NextGen account:

To make a gift contribution using a check, you’ll need help from the NextGen account owner.

  1. Write a check to: NextGen FBO (the child’s name)
  2. Give the check to the account owner to mail to Merrill Lynch with a contribution coupon (see instructions for Account Owners).

Once you’ve made your contribution, download and print one of the cards below to give to your special child.

Once you’ve made a contribution, download & print one of the cards pictured below.

Simply add your name and the child’s name, roll it up and tie it with a bow.


Estate Planning

Grandparents, or any family members or friends who have the financial means to make a significant contribution, may want to consider front-loading their contributions. You can contribute five years’ worth of annual $14,000 gifts for a total of up to $70,000 per contributor ($140,000 for married couples), per beneficiary, without having to pay a federal gift tax, as long as you do not make any additional gifts to your beneficiary for the next five years3.


Gift of College* offers options for family and friends to make contributions to college savings accounts.  A NextGen account owner can create an online gift registry at and link it to his or her account.  Relatives and friends can then use Gift of College to make gift contributions to the NextGen account online or to purchase a Gift of College gift card.  Visit to learn more!


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